Phew. Us non-artists have a 101 on choosing color.

Too much good stuff today (only because I’m getting through back mail!). Stephen King is doing a neat trial of morality-based distribution: You can get two of the first three intstallments, but he’ll only put up the final one if 70% of readers send a nominal $1. Interesting.

Interesting numbers from WSJ on stickiness. Just over 5 pages a day – every day. This sounds quite high to me. However, if you’ve paid for it, and if you’re in the Street, I guess you have to read it heavily.

“Why is everybody so locked into protecting one format? I swear theCatholic Church changes quicker than the record business.”- Jimmy Iovine, head of Interscope Records and

More Upside on b2b. Does this mean that “Datamonitor” should reposition as b2e?

eCommerce wars. Interestingly, CommerceOne got some real revenues from exchange transactions. Ventro, on the other hand, got stuffed.

“Workers about to be laid off at a chemical plant in northern France dumped 3,000 litres of sulphuric acid into a stream that runs into the river Meuse. They threatened to blow up the factory if their demands for new jobs were not met.” And it worked! I just couldn’t see the guys at Longbridge, Dagenham doing the same. English reserve.

Woohoo!Sick. Cheers, “Dom”.

The US looks likely to try for a bill that would require companies to disclose their e-mail monitoring policy. This has to be a good thing, no? This could definitely stop people using porn at work…

More from Joel: “A top notch web programmer in New York City at a top web development firm, working on a consulting basis, is going to bill about $250 an hour”. So are we really paying a >