I imagine this page on letters to the Infoworld editor will be regularly quoted. How uber-technologists often get it wrong.A great anti-bad user interfaces rant. This time on VisioVisio Rant — Seth Gordon. Shocking!Here’s a great comment about content:

BTW, a hat-tip to Zeldman, who finds the term “content” derogatory. Me too, I’ve even complained about it publicly. But in these conversations, we need a convenient short-hand to describe the wide variety of creative people who combine to create the stuff that people read on the Web. Actually the “content person” we have contact with is often an engineer who writes scripts to adjust the content to fit the format the aggregators can consume.

Cheers to “Scripting News” for the linkFinally! Dr Matt’s book on Frontier is now available free on the web. Thanks to O’Reilly for posting it. Read on!