Don’t read this without a cold shower nearby. It’s about the future of the computer and why they’re rubbish right now. Mindf**k.If you can possibly be interested in how to speed up the loading time of a website, here’s a good article.The Limits of Copyright talks about how far we can go.Fortune article about the hot new idea of the year. That’s Napster / Gnutella, FYI.InfraSearch is a new type of search engine built on Gnutella technology. It’s interesting, very interesting. Question is: what will they charge?A useful comparison between Frontier / Zope and StoryServer. “Take away the workflow support, and StoryServer is just a big TCL interpreter with a focus on the Web. The rest of it is a fairly sophisticated caching system.” So why is it so expensive?!Stephen Pinker is one of my heroes. Read his viewpoint on what effect the information revolution will have.From the samearticle: “The company, which offers software that lets consumers build Web pages, raised $70 million in a secondary stock offering in May 1999 after boasting on the cover of its stock prospectus that it had 10.2 million users. But the figure, attributed to market researcher DoubleClick, was more than triple the 3.2 million visitors logged by Media Metrix. quietly recanted its statement a month later. DoubleClick blamed the miscalculation on human error and faults for using the data in a securities document without permission. declined to comment.” Some people I know will find this funny!Who believes in website visitor figures anyway? This is an interesting article in USA Today (bizarrely) that discusses the issue.