A new phrase “B2Me” is described here: “Our goal is if we have 20 million customers, we should have 20 million stores”.Now that’s what I call an exchange! Transora. But what a terrible name. Reminds me of TransNora – a totally different entity (Last of the summer wine?).I was tempted to frame my first check from AllAdvantage (it was written in favour of “Lockout”). However, it seems that the obviously stupid nature of the scheme is coming home to rest. Check the FORTUNE.com article.

A friend of a friend used to work for Firefly, who had a similar infomediary plan. They ended up being privacy specialists rather than selling their database and information. Just goes to show, hey?An interview with Neal Stephenson author of Cryptonomicon, one of my favourite books.Everyone should read this article about the recording industry in the US. Salon.com tech | Courtney Love does the math. I’m sure it’s the same in the UK.