A list of IXL white papers. The one on COPE is particularly interesting. iXL: White PapersThis is a useful summary of how the various browsers deal with styles. Not very well?A lot of the tweeds that we sell to at Datamonitor love search more than anything else. A well-argued case for this not being sensible. They mention Jared Spool again.The last page of this Standard article discussing eContent has an interesting quote:“The business model that would be interesting is a digital content incubator,” he says. “They should behave like a large studio and could generate enough aggregate cash to have a story to tell.”Sounds like “Datamonitor”!Will big brother back down? TUK’s RIP bill discussed by the BBC.This is an interesting article about the organizations that control the internet.An interesting point: if you keep the same grid structure on a site, people will start ignoring entire areas of your site. Read the details here. But surely this is really nasty for the user. I wonder what Neilsen says?I think that this is a really great idea. You can use standard SLR and / or digital film to take your shots. It does some odd stuff with the viewfinder, etc, but I guess you’d get used to it.A good list of b2b exchanges. The only IP-related one is a patent and license exchangeYou couldn’t ask for better. Wanna find out who went to the wall today in internet-space? Check out the main event.