Dave Winer isn’t convinced by Autonomy either: “I was impressed (not) with the list of links they came up with for that story.”An interesting article in Business 2.0: “The consumer now has control of digital content, empowered with these digital tools. The result of this disintermediation must be the introduction of new business models, not the deus ex machina of technology- or legal-based protection schemes. The true financial value of art cannot be gleaned from selling it over the counter or off the back of a track from a warehouse.”Here are some thoughts (good ones) about writing headlines. The Raphel File. I expect linkrot – there’s no date on the file, etc.Nice one Napster. Not content with merely going up against the labels, they’ve decided to destroy them completely. CNET – Napster: Downloading music for free is legal. I hope they win!