MacEdition : Soup Says!: “The King decreed “To every cow its calf, to every book its copy”, and fined St. Columba 40 head of cattle for making an unauthorized copy. Here’s the deal, though: Finnean of Clonard didn’t write the psalter in question, which is a book full of psalms, he just owned it. The issue decided by Diarmit was about allowing the wealthy and powerful to control the flow of knowledge, and allowing the commoditization of information. ” Soooo. Copyright was invented along the lines that the record companies use it, not to protect ‘inventors’!. Things I never knew.The web started here. Amazing to be TBL and see that the whole world is using your view on how things should work.So now it’s clear. Paul Maritz of Microsoft says:”We don’t know precisely whether we’ll get paid for everything”. So .Net is based on them being paid for something and being so ubiquitous that they make billions.PS I’ve been on holiday for a week.

Here’s a nice distillation of what the whole .Net strategy is about… tech | Microsoft’s .Net: Visionary or vaporware?