Worth scanning the comments here for some extraordinary views on the source of the HK protests.

tl;dr the US has created the protests to destabilise China. E.g. The students are funded patsies “who are there for p**** and beer”. OMFG.


To be clear: most international coverage seems very nuanced and has picked up e.g. the new generation of Hong Kong people who don’t have any real alignment with China and can’t see any chance of prosperity in their home town.

Protest 2.0

A street scene in Causeway Bay last night. Lots of people heading for Sogo junction. Shops: open. Streets: clean. Mood: determined but utterly unthreatening. Police: absent. Cars: sharing the road with pedestrians.

Total respect to all for keeping the lid on understandable anger after the lack of engagement from politicians and the not-quite-nuclear* riot police response less than 24 hours ago. (*nuclear=PLA)



A lesson in protest

Hong Kong protesters with their arms in the air targeted with tear gas, pepper spray, guns and batons. Riot police 100m from Caroline’s office.

Well done Occupy and students for keeping calm. Not the sensible policing we would expect.

I’m guessing the clearance proper will start when most people are in bed asleep. That way in which it is done will be the catalyst. Who knows what for. It doesn’t seem frightening right now. Maybe it should.