Tonight’s musical challenge

I find this music properly hard to read (musically: not solely because I only know 10% of the characters).

It may be that the text and notes are in such perfect alignment: I am used to sight-reading with them offset (the note is almost always smaller than the corresponding text) and find it easier to do. Also the text for verse 1 and 2 is very rarely identically laid out in alphabetic writing making it easier to keep your place.

The recording should be easier thanks to the kind people who have given us phonetic transliterations in Cantonese and Mandarin.


Feminism needs a re-up

Two very sad but interesting perspectives on society’s treatment of women. I’m all in favour of reclaiming words* that have some negative connotations . Can we do it with feminism?

(*Aside: my take on “bossy” is that we should call boys it if they are being it. Much easier than deleting a potentially useful word – if we think it is useful).

What It’s Like Raising Money As A Woman In Silicon Valley

It is not just the perpetrators of abuse who are clueless. Many of the amazing men – some who have invested in our company, others who call me boss – are oblivious to the additional hurdles and harassment I face on a daily basis. These men can be allies, but not if they are left out of the conversation.

Robert Webb: Roll up, roll up, to see a man talking about feminism. What could possibly go wrong?

Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s about challenging the absurd gender distinctions that boys and girls learn from childhood and carry into their adult lives. It’s an unloved word – we should give it another chance.

I must do the implicit gender test. The racism one is slightly shocking as I have mentioned before.

Stunning HK timelapse

Some of the best timelapse clouds I’ve seen. Bonus that its all in Hong Kong. I hope this explains how it’s possible to love this city for its landscapes and natural beauty alone. Thanks to Bruce for the link.

Personal ambition items: one day I will see the milky way in Hong Kong and I will see cows on Tate’s Cairn.

Gender disparity in HK and China

Very interesting to read that Hong Kong has a  substantially skewed population of women to men (1,000 women to 864 men) and this is widening. This includes domestic helpers who are predominantly female: the ratio is 1,000 to 938 without domestic helpers.

(Aside: it is very strange to find myself thinking that it is normal to quote statistics excluding a large chunk of the population of this city).



At birth in Hong Kong, though, the city is the fourteenth highest in terms of boys:girls (but only slightly above the world average). Overall it is actually below the world average, but there are substantial outliers. (Aside: I had no idea there are two men for every woman in UAE andQatar. I guess this is including migrant workers, but even so).

On the mainland, it appears that the predominance of male births has peaked.



NB 103-106 is the natural (without human intervention) rate shown as the Baseline ratio on the chart. I didn’t know that.

The ageing population in both places is still a cause for concern, but at least on the mainland the gender ratio is hopefully improving.