Like father to son?

According to a Reuters source this is how China views its relationship with Hong Kong:

“The mainland has been too nice to Hong Kong,” said the first source with leadership ties. “The relationship between the center and Hong Kong is not one between brothers, but between father and son. The son has to listen to the father.”

And the reported reply to a question as to “whether Beijing would allow any democrat to run for the city’s highest office”:

The fact that you are allowed to stay alive, already shows the country’s inclusiveness

Wow. So much to read and digest here.

Hyperbolic discounting

Humans are rubbish at time management and one of the reasons is our poor ability to understand how we make choices on short and long scales. The example in the piece is choosing a meal two weeks ahead versus two minutes ahead: we go healthy until we actually come to choose. Two useful pieces of advice to overcome this:

  1. Make your to-do lists / plans in the evening of the day before – this gives you a little perspective rather than being bound up in the  (e.g.) email you have already got today.
  2. If you are asked to do something in the future (e.g. months), think if you would agree to do it this week. If not, don’t accept, even though your future calendar seems clear.

Tim Harford — Article — Here today, gone tomorrow.

Tonight’s musical challenge

I find this music properly hard to read (musically: not solely because I only know 10% of the characters).

It may be that the text and notes are in such perfect alignment: I am used to sight-reading with them offset (the note is almost always smaller than the corresponding text) and find it easier to do. Also the text for verse 1 and 2 is very rarely identically laid out in alphabetic writing making it easier to keep your place.

The recording should be easier thanks to the kind people who have given us phonetic transliterations in Cantonese and Mandarin.